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Getting it right the first time guarantees happiness.
Our off-grid guide contains everything you need to know about off-grid systems and how to avoid future misery.

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Comprehensive 17-page Off-grid Solar Guide

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What you learn in the guide

This Guide will provide you with information you need to know in order to make informed choices when going off-grid.

By reading this guide you will learn the benefits of going off the grid, and why people chose to go this path:

  • How off-grid system works.
  • What are the processes involved when going off-grid, from electrical load profiling, design, to installation.
  • The cost of going off-grid.
  • Site requirements.
  • Available products, upgradeable systems, and tips! 

Be informed with real-world industry advice

This guide includes easy to understand coverage of the components of an off-grid solar system,
the process when switching to off-grid, how to choose a good system,  and issues to be wary of.


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